Robert Hoskins on the Issues


Effective Leadership

Robert is a problem solver. He knows how difficult it is to stare down a problem, devise a plan for solving it, and then bring people together to get it accomplished. He’s done it at Enterprise Products for 37 years, on the Goose Creek school board for 6 years, and on the Baytown City Council for 9 years. Regrettably, our district lacks a true problem solver representing us in Austin right now. In fact, local residents and governmental bodies have been forced to go to other representatives in neighboring districts to get things accomplished for our communities. This must change. As our new representative, Robert will take his skills, experience, and energy to Austin to fight the bureaucracy on behalf of the citizens of our district, and deliver real results in order to advance our conservative agenda.



Robert understands that a thriving private sector is the key to creating jobs and keeping the “Texas Miracle” alive and kicking. Government intervention is generally nothing more than a hindrance to employers and entrepreneurs looking to start businesses. Robert will dedicate himself in Austin to reducing taxes and regulation on private business, so they can expand, create jobs and continue to grow the economy. Texas didn’t become the model for the rest of the country by accident, and it won’t stay that way without a continuous commitment to advancing pro-business policies.



As a former school board president, Robert understands the challenges facing our public schools, and he is committed to our local, neighborhood schools, our teachers, and most importantly, our children. He will fight against the over-reliance on standardized testing, because he believes that empowering parents and teachers is the best way to get the results we are looking for in our schools. Robert will work to provide teachers with the tools they need to better control and manage their classrooms for the benefit of all students, including putting hard caps on classroom size.

Robert also believes that we must end the “Robin Hood” school finance system, and make sure that local education decisions and local education dollars remain local. He believes this is a big key to unlocking the potential of our local schools, and also to providing quality public education to children in every district across the state.


Transportation and Traffic Solutions

Transportation issues and state government go hand-in-hand, and these issues should be addressed openly with a focus on efficiency and safety. As East Harris County’s rapid growth continues, it is vital that we get ahead of that growth rather than responding to it after the fact. Ensuring that people can navigate our roadways as quickly and safely as possible is critical to our quality of life and to our economy. TX 225 and FM 2100 are not sufficient for the current traffic load, and the I-10 bridge at TX 330 and FM 2100 must be addressed. As our population continues to grow, it is important that our elected leaders prepare our infrastructure for that growth by building new roads, expanding existing roads where needed, and ensuring that our roadways are well maintained.


Border Security

The federal government has a responsibility to secure our border and enforce our immigration laws, yet they have failed to do so over and over again. It should not be the state’s responsibility to handle this matter, but if Congress is not up to the task, then we must take action, while at the same time working with our Texas delegation in Washington to bring federal tax dollars back home to help pay for the cost. Robert will also work with state and local law enforcement agencies to ensure that the resources are available to them to combat illegal immigration and keep East Harris County safe.



Robert is a pro-life conservative who believes that life begins at conception and that we need leaders in Austin who will speak out and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Protecting life will be one of his highest priorities in the legislature, as there is much work to be done to ensure that the most vulnerable among us are protected.


2nd Amendment

As a member of the National Rifle Association, Robert is committed to protecting and defending our right to keep and bear arms. He will never support legislation that would curtail a law-abiding Texans’ right to purchase, own or carry fire arms.


Law Enforcement and First Responders

Public safety is an essential service that government exists to provide, and Robert understands that safe streets and rapid response times are vital to the well-being of the families of East Harris County. He will help foster good working relationships between our various local public safety entities, and he will fight for the state resources needed to ensure that we are investing in the best equipment, training, and technology available to keep our community safe and ensure that citizens get the emergency services they need – when they need them.